It’s your turn to party!

Host watch parties on Scener

Start hosting watch parties for your friends and followers around your favorite TV shows and movies. Build an audience and engage your community with Scener - the watch party platform.

All you need to get started is a laptop, headphones, and webcam. Launch your first watch party, and let the fun begin!

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Build an audience

Grow your community, and boost your watch party attendance by building your followers on Scener. They’ll be notified any time you start hosting a party, and can jump straight in!

Share your watch party on social media to invite your friends and followers and grow your reach.

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Getting verified

Great hosts who put on the best watch parties will get rewarded with profile verification and other special treatment, including home page featuring, social shout outs and bonuses!

Becoming a verified host gives you a great opportunity to be discovered by other Scener users, and expand your audience.

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